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Want heavy equipment wheels that last longer and save money? Our class-leading OTR wheels are developed to maximize the lifespan of tires, and reduce equipment downtime.

Whether you’re hauling or loading, in the field or in the warehouse, GMI Wheels builds a wheel or rim that’s ready to work for you.

As a full suite manufacturer, our facilities allow us to custom design and engineer OTR wheels to your specific needs and applications. Whether it’s custom disc offsets, bounce rings or unique bolt patterns, we can build it.


GMI Wheels manufactures wheels and rims for all off-highway applications, specializing in mining, construction and material handling.

Our real-world proven products are designed to give you the best performance and long-term savings, regardless of whether you’re on a mine site or in the field.

Click on the buttons below to learn more, or contact us today if you want the best OTR wheels in your business.


From the beginning, GMI Wheels has adhered to several simple, core values that have helped us win customers the world over:

  • Promoting safer OTR wheel usage and handling and engineering our products to reflect those values.
  • Building the strongest, most durable wheels and rims on the market.
  • Maximum air retention for optimal vehicle operation and reliability.
  • Significantly extending tire life to save on long-term costs and reduce waste.
  • Friendly, informed customer service and follow-up before, during and after your purchase by our empowered staff.

Every one of our products has been improved or developed in partnership with our customers. With over 150 combined years of experience in the mining, material handling and OTR wheel industries, we know that the best development comes from real-world testing that cannot be replicated on a computer or lab.


Unlike a number of competing products, many of our products are fully machined, reducing welds. By minimizing welds, we’re removing potential failure points that can lead to cracks or fractures over time.

Fully machined wheels are also 100% round, without any butt welds. This means that tires seat on the wheel smoothly, and there is no tire-damaging knurling along the bead seat areas. This helps seal air more effectively and greatly improves tire life.

Tire imprinted by knurling on non-GMI Wheels product
Tire bead torn by knurling on non-GMI Wheels product
gmi wheels mining wheel
construction wheels
Underground Mining Wheels Hauler



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