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Want material handling wheels that rise above the competition? Our forklift wheels are engineered to deliver exceptional air retention, quality and tire life, at a price that isn’t sky high.

Whether you’re stacking containers or hauling pallets, our full range of tubeless, tube-type and solid compatible products are ready to help your operation reach its goals.


  • Fully Machined Surfaces
    • Tire beads seat and seal on our wheels as the tire manufacturer intended.
    • Class-leading air seal and tire life.
    • Superior component fitment.
    • Thicker material extends wheel life and reduces cracks or fractures.
  • Forged gutters, discs and components in areas where fatigue is commonly a problem.
  • No Knurling
    • Our 100% round wheels and rims do not require knurling to properly seat tire beads, enhancing air retention and tire lifespan.
  • Full customization for unique vehicles and applications.
  • Experienced service team.

Advances in logistics and the material handling industries happen every day. GMI’s forklift wheels are constantly improving to keep up with these fast-paced sectors to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

View our forklift wheels below or contact us today to learn more.

Material Handling Wheels Reach Stacker
Material Handling Wheels Large Forklift
Material Handling Wheels Forklift Wheels


EV SERIES; 5-PIECE; 24" - 33"

Featuring fully machined surfaces, the GMI EM / EV Series feature class-leading tire fitment and air seal for large forklifts, reach stackers and container handlers.

By applying our mining wheel knowledge to meet the increasingly strenuous needs of today’s material handling industry, our rugged material handling wheels roll effortlessly in ports and container yards, saving on downtime and improving safety.

Our EM / EV forklift wheels and rims are popular on vehicles belonging to Taylor, Hyster, Kalmar and Hyundai.

  • High Capacity Forklifts
  • Reach Stackers
  • Container Handlers
  • Empty Container Handler
  • Straddle Carriers

All EM / EV Series wheels are configurable with a variety of bolt patterns, offsets and features, allowing us to build a wheel or rim that fits your application and your budget.


Reach for the safest and most reliable 3-Piece forklift wheels in the business. Our 3-Piece AH Series tubeless wheel is 10 BAR (150 psi) rated when used with proper tires, for class-leading performance and economy.

Featuring a ‘forged gutter disc,’ combining the gutter section and wheel disc into a singular forged component, the AH Series significantly reduces or eliminates fractures. These forged surfaces are perfectly flat unlike formed disc competitors, eliminating flex and extending the lifespan of wheel studs.

A thick EM Profile lock ring further improves safety and reliability.

Available in 20″ to 24″ sizes, the AH Series has become popular on:

  • High Capacity Forklifts
  • Empty Container Handlers
  • Terminal Tractors

If you have applications where only the best forklift wheel will do, contact GMI Wheels today.

KB / KG; 3, 4-PIECE

From 8″ to 24,” our 3-Piece KB and 4-Piece KG forklift wheels can be configured to meet nearly every application, at an affordable price.

Available for pneumatic or solid applications.

All GMI Wheels products are configurable with a variety of bolt patterns, offsets and features.



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