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Tired of mounting tires on the ground? Are you finding grit and grime in your gutter sections? Our OTR Wheel Stand makes tire mounting easy, raising the wheel base off the ground to make the job cleaner and easier.

When multi-piece wheels are mounted on the ground, dirt, grime and contaminants can find their way onto the surfaces where tire beads sit, diminishing air seal and bead life. These particles can also enter ring grooves, eroding components and their longevity.

Using an OTR Wheel Stand is an easy way to improve safety, as well as the lifespans of tires and wheel components.

Comprised of two, thick aluminum pieces, our stand can easily be broken down and stored in your service truck or shop.

Make your job safer and easier, with our OTR Wheel Stand.

Available in five convenient versions.

  • 24″- 25″
  • 25″- 29″
  • 33″ – 35″
  • 45″
  • 49″
OTR Wheel Stand

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