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GMI Wheels proudly introduces our first OTR wheel O-Rings series, MemO-Ring’s.

Available in Standard and Hi-Temp versions.

During their lifespan, conventional OTR wheel O-Rings takes on the shape of the components adjacent to it, becoming deformed due to pressure and repeated heating and cooling cycles.

In the event the components shift or move, the conventional O-Ring will remain misshapen, unable to maintain its air seal, leading to loss of tire pressure.

MemO-Ring’s retain their original shape, resisting pressure and thermal fluctuations in their wheel groove, remaining pliable for a longer period. In the event of component movement, the MemO-Ring will then adjust to the new shape, preserving air retention.

Deformed Conventional OTR Wheel O-Rings
Conventional 3 Series & 4 Series OTR O-Rings that have adopted the shape of adjacent components and will not seal air if those components shift.
wdt_ID Size Part Number
1 O-RING,20 X 1/4 VLH-OR-220-T
2 O-RING,24 X 1/4 VLH-OR-224-T
3 O-RING,25 X 1/4 VLH-OR-225-T
4 O-RING,20 X 3/8 VLH-OR-320-T
5 O-RING,24 X 3/8 VLH-OR-324-T
6 O-RING,25 X 3/8 VLH-OR-325-T
7 O-RING,29 X 3/8 VLH-OR-329-T
8 O-RING,33 X 3/8 VLH-OR-333-T
9 O-RING,35 X 3/8 VLH-OR-335-T
10 O-RING,45 X 3/8 VLH-OR-345-T
GMI Wheels OTR Wheel O-Ring
Hi Temp OTR Wheel O-Ring



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