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Your business can’t crack under pressure. Why should your wheels?

Every day, GMI Wheels’ fully machined heavy equipment OTR wheels and rims tackle the world’s most demanding environments, helping our global customer-base meet tough deadlines and minimize maintenance.

The worldwide reputation for quality we’ve forged is why our GMWR and GMI Wheels brands roll underneath thousands of heavy equipment vehicles bearing trusted industry names.

Demand the industry’s highest quality heavy equipment OTR wheels and rims.

Advanced Mining Wheels and Rims

Developed through years of industry expertise, our Mining Wheels are engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth.

Every product GMI Wheels manufactures is designed with cutting-edge technologies, exceeding industry standards. Our commitment to safety ensures our mining and earthmoving wheels are built from the ground up to operate as safely as possible.

GMI Wheels’ quality assurance program guarantees complete customer satisfaction. If our wheels and rims do not meet your discerning standards, we will make it right.

Don’t settle for anything but the best mining wheels.

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GMI Wheels' Fully Machined Wheels and Rims Are:

Bulked Up

GMI Wheels are machined through a “forming the steel” process, bulking up steel mass in critical stress areas of the wheel and rims, the back and gutter sections. Our fully machined gutter sections are thicker and wider, eliminating common weld failures.

Smooth Operators

Tire beads sit smoothly and uniformly on GMI Wheels’ fully machined bead seat bands are centred, sealing in air pressure, limiting indexing, vastly extending tire life and reducing maintenance of your heavy equipment wheels and rims.

Locked Up Tight

GMI Wheels’ fully machined process ensures lock rings and O-rings mate properly, with excellent component fitment that increases safety and durability.


GMI Wheels’ products are built to demanding specifications, ready to work hard on mining, logging, petroleum and industrial sites. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, our service team will make it right. Guaranteed.

5-piece FTF tubeless wheel - whole
5-piece FTF tubeless wheel - cutaway

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